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At the December 2008 the girl was in a very bad state - she is being in a deep sorrow. She is out of her sister - the only congenial soul she had, being put somewhere with strangers around her. Considering that she can't see it is easy to imagine how scared she is. She refuses to eat. In general, she doesn't seem to want to live... and actually why to live so? I should mention that there is a general diet for all the children. Nobody is on a special diet and certainly nobody thinks about the children's meal wishes. What is more, the section for bed children is full, so she was put to the first section called the intensive care section, but actually it is a barrack for violent children.

The orphanage head has flatly refused to have the special nurse only for this girl paid by volunteers. She has also refused to send her to hospital in Astrakhan for compulsory feeding and to get any help saying they have all the need. They do, but the child has been getting worse for the last 4 months. Look at the pictures. Yes, Christina has never been a plump child, but even her photo from the database looks much better than she does know! These legs are thin reeds!!!! How can she walk? The child is simply exhausted

Her illness was diagnosed by MPC as different ones including "profound mental retardation" despite of the fact it is quite impossible to judge before the age of seven. If we had not known the girl before the orphanage we could believe....At the moment the child is in a deep shock. But whose business is it? The orphanage head tells me - we (she and the staff) are not beasts, are we? But yes, they are The girl has become a skeleton for 4 months. The photos can prove it. I hardly believe this child could speak, could walk supported by two hands and then by one hand, recognized the visitors and reacted to people and things around her - she can sing some songs be ear very well! Now Christy has nothing to do with any songs, considering the people around her and their attitude.

The last news from the orphanage:
The children were taken to Moscow for a medicine check-up with an attendant, who didn't believe Christina could speak or walk. On arrival, she decided to try this. She came and tried and started to speak with Christina, stir her up. And the girl answered - "I don't want to speak!" and then repeated it! Rosa says no child in Christina's group can speak and she can't have enough personal contacts so she keeps silent. There were only two nurses, now there are three - she will be paid more attention. And Rosa promised to visit her three times a week. She said the girl had begun to eat better and to felt better and she could sit well!!!! She can even walk but still irresolutely, she steps her feet weakly. Rosa said the legs were probably too thin.

She needs a mother or any other variants very much to survive and leave this nurse house. She will be able to do much; she will be a full-fledged person if we help her!

Astrakhan Region
Christina .
There is a sister being in a foster home!
She can: be adopted, have a guardian or be put in a foster family
Born: June 2002
Sex: female
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond
Temper: unsociable



On questions of the adoption you may address on

You can ask all your questions about her adoption at the address:
The regional operator GBD re parentless children - Department of Education and Science of Astrakhan Region
Post address: 414000, Astrakhan, Jelabova street, 21
Telephone number: (8512) 22 07 82
Specialists: Zvereva Svetlana Gennadievna. Telephone number: (8512)22-07-82
Reception hours: every day from 8.30 to 17.30, lunch break from 12.00 to 13.00

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